Funding Application

Guidelines for distribution of Wedmore Real Ale Festival (WRAF) funds

  1. Applications can be submitted between 11th April and the 12th September 2022. Applications
    received after the closing date will not be considered.
  2. Only information contained on the application form will be used during consideration. Please do not send additional attachments or information.
  3. All applicants must represent either a registered charity or voluntary cause.
  4. Applications from the following will not normally be considered:
    • Profit making events
    • Businesses
    • Funding national projects
    • To fund an individual (for example to trek around China)
  5. Applications must benefit the residents of the Isle of Wedmore
    (The Isle of Wedmore includes Wedmore, Bagley, Blackford, Blakeway, Chapel Allerton, Clewer,
    Cocklake, Crickham, Heath House, Latcham, Little Ireland, Mudgley, Sand, Stone Allerton, Theale,
    West End, West Ham, and West Stoughton)
  6. Please specify the project or items that the funds will be used for. Running costs will not
    normally be considered.
  7. Please complete this form fully. Any application that hasn’t answered all questions will be
  8. Under normal circumstances the maximum payable to any one applicant is £3,000.
  9. Any application that falls outside of the guidelines, but is supported unanimously by
    members of the WRAF committee will be included in the list of those that qualify. This
    ensures that any guidelines that are in place don’t prevent WRAF from supporting an
    applicant that common sense would otherwise support.

    Wedmore Real Ale Festival Request for Funding Form 2022

    Note: Closing date for applications is 12th September 2022. Funding will be distributed on 1st October 2022.

    (It is essential to specify an amount)