Beer Bucket Challenge

The Beer Bucket Challenge

Thank you to all the participants and successful bidders at the 2019 festival, you helped keep this festival finale alive and also helped to raise a considerable amount of money for local worthy causes. You should be very proud to join our BBC club.

We now have this year's willing participants, well with odd arm bend applied of course. Join us in thanking them and please remember to come along on to the Sunday auction to stand a chance of successfully bidding to pour a bucket of Dave's nourishing, cocktail of beer over their beautiful heads.


1. Charlotte Cundy
2. Emily Mulliner
3. Emma Andrews
4. Lexie Gower  
5. Linda Moorcroft
6. Shannon Loughrey
7. Sarah Love
8. Dave Powell
9. Finn Cavanagh
10. Nick Munyard
11. Pip Nicholls
12. Matt Lloyd
13. Simon Tremlett

If you don’t mind getting wet in the name of charity and want to help raise funds for local worthy causes, then you can volunteer for next year's beer bucket challenge and have some of Dave Stone's luscious liquid poured over you, then please get in touch with one of the committee members about adding your name to our waiting list.


2019 Beer Bucket Challenge

Ian Monson - Mark Darley - Rob Bennett - Andrew Scott - Andy Reeson - Steph Patch - Lesley Williams - Sharon Tucker - Elaine Tilling - Tabitha Morton - Touchelle Smyth

2018 Beer Bucket Challenge

Bill Sutton - Chris McKinley - Clare Bean - Ewart Jackson-Voyzey - Garry Stimpson - Jason Collins - Kerry Wilcox - Rachael Bewick - Rich Macarthur - Sam Brown - Sarah Maddock - Will Plummer

2017 Beer Bucket Challenge

Bert Banwell - Ellen Culliford - Gill Adams - Hazel Anstey - Ian Scott - Jeff Richards - Kevin Jones - Lisa Hall - Matt Denham - Nicki Maguire - Safi Thomas - Tim Moreman

2016 Beer Bucket Challenge

Alice Hole - Charlotte Monson - Chaz Maquire - Dan Kevill - Frank Sparks - Jane Scott - Laura Sampson - Lloyd Patch - Richard Neil - Simon Bethal - Teresa Rooney

2015 Beer Bucket Challenge

Alice McKinley - Bob Jackson - David Bunt - David Summerscooke - James Heappy - Jacqui Redman - Jonny Bethal - Matt Dolman - Maxine Kidd - Kelly Jones - Sue Moreman

2014 Beer Bucket Challenge – The Committee

Alan Page - Alan Wilcox - Amanda Carver - David Stone - James Turbitt - Jim Low - Mike Bewick  - Tom Reeves - Trevor Prideaux